900 kays +- in two days..

This is not a distance you want to travel when your average speed is 60kmph…

So why did I do it? Why did I agree to travel with 5 dogs in the back seat for five and a half hours and a further 4 and a half hours bouncing in a truck?

Off into the sunset

Because I love Jo & Andy and they asked us to help them make the long move from EmPONGeni to Newcastle..

And let me tell you! Even though it was a long and slow journey it was fabulous! The scenery was breathtaking and I tried to snap as many photo’s as I could along the way.

I will try not to bore you with the details too much but here is what I did this weekend πŸ˜‰

Day One (Saturday):

We had arrived at Empongeni the night before so we could get an early start to the day. Jo and I took the two smaller puppies for their shots and bought tranquilisers for all 5 dogs to keep them slumbering for as much of the journey as possible while back at the house SexyG and Andy were trying to pack as much as they could on the truck while the 3 boys kept themselves very busy pretending to help ..LOL! The hours were dragging on, the packing proving to be slightly more difficult and time consuming than we had estimated.Β  After lunch was wolfed down just after 1pm we set off..SexyG and I with the 5 dogs in the back (we had to carry them cos they were so drugged up – I swear they were smiling with squinty eyes..) following Jo & Andy who were traveling in the truck at an impressive 80kmph downhill and 40kmph uphill.. We had left the 3 boys behind to play WoW with each other armed with enough food and drink for 3 days (which equates to 12 hours provisions for teenage boys).

The view was incredible for most of the way with the only really scary part being the grassfire we drove through.The fire was licking into the road with the wind and it didn’t look too bad but as we drove through I was shown just how deceptively appearances can be because the heat was soooo extreme in the car for those fleeting seconds that it sucked the air out of the car and my arm felt like it had gotten burnt. I was wide-eyed for quite a while after wards trying to understand just what the heck had happened.

Sunset was upon us before long and we were still driving, no one knowing where the new house is or what it looks like or anything but we knew the general direction and that was good enough for us. The dogs started waking up which wasn’t too bad until Brutus attempted to molester me from the back just for shits and giggles..

7.05pm and we were in Newcastle, it was dark and we were tired and we still needed to unpack the truck and head back to empongeni for a second load. Thankfully we were met by some lovely people who had cooked us spaghetti bolognaise as a welcome to Newcastle. They even bought three electric blankets as housewarming gifts for my sussie as apparently the mornings average 4degrees in winter!! <–clever lady that Ruth πŸ˜‰

We managed to convince SexyG & Andy to stay the night and we could leave early in the morning for the second load.. we phoned the boys to ensure all’s well with them and I got the feeling they weren’t even aware we were gone..(who said gaming isn’t good for somethings πŸ˜‰ )

After getting the beds assembled and plugged in (thanks Ruth) I went to have a much needed shower in the freezing cold.. I.THOUGHT.IWAS.GOING.TO.DIE! I was forced to sing to myself to stop me from slipping into a coma from the cold and when I looked down I saw that my toes had curled up into the shape of mangled niknaks.. <– I am obviously not built for the cold.

After that I was pretty much under the covers and ignoring the world till it came to its senses and added some numbers to the thermometer…

Day Two (Sunday):

I tried to wake up early.. promise! but I only managed a 7am crawl out of bed and that was only because my bladder threatened to climb up my abdomen and bitchslap me.

It was warmer, coffee was appreciated and we assembled in the garden to take in their new home for the next coupla months while they rebuild the orphanage that was so tragically burnt down a few months ago. It is such a nice place.. looks like a happy home… it made me smile even though it saddened me to realise that my sussie has just moved even further away from now.

Jo stayed behind to unpack and look after the dogs while Andy, SexyG and I hit the road once again back to empongeni for the second load.

Even though it wasn’t laden with furniture the trip was slow as the truck appears to be governed. This wouldnt be half bad if it wasnt for the bumpyness of the ride and the lack of seatbelts which had me clutching at sheer nothingness half the time..

The trip down was fun, with me taking LOADS of pics through dirty windows and the three of us laughing most of the way over the craziest of stuff.. Damn I am going to miss them, can’t believe I am crying while I write this but the fact is that I am sad at the fact that they are now almost double the distance from me. Anyway, enough mushiness.. where was I? oh yeah, so there we were driving along when it started to drizzle and panic set in as we realised that we don’t have a tarpaulin to cover the stuff if it rains!

The rain came and went and we kept willing it to go away but it seemed persistent in toying with us. Finally after 4 odd hours of ass torture we arrived at the house and got cracking immediately.. everyone working fast and furious to get the truck loaded, I went to fetch Jess from her friends place and all 4 cousins got stuck in helping us… trying to beat the rain but losing the battle as it started to drizzle and eventually rain while we were packing.

It was miserable, but we had to keep going. There is no looking back, there is no stopping, there is no choice. Black bags were used in excess to cover what we could and the other was just put in and hoped for the best, the sun had set by the time we got the last stuff on the truck.

The three of them (Andy, Jono & Jess) sitting in the front with the four of us waving them goodbye. the rain hiding my tears as I watched them head off to Newcastle and we got in the car and made the journey back to Durban..

~Tired and sad~

I am actually really happy and very proud of them all, embarking on this tough yet honourable journey that they have ahead of them. Things are not going to be easy but they will definitely be rewarding.

Here is the link to the FB album that I shared with some of the photo’s I took πŸ™‚ –> FB ALBUM

And if anyone wants to know some more about what it is Jo & Andy are doing go here to their FB page –>Rebuilding Hope in Christ