Like this..

like this

Talking to SexyG the other morning I was surprised to learn that he does not have a favourite non-negotiable body part!?!? He has never even considered such a query..LOL! (query, his word not mine)

I always thought that everyone had one. The one part of ourselves that we love, completely and will show everyone and allow others to photograph anytime and anywhere.. the one thing that doesn’t make you feel insecure or unsure and is just perfect 24/7.

I am a highly critical individual and no one is harder on me than me. I will agonise for ages at the imperfection of myself but when it comes to my ears, I smile and say “aren’t they just the best!”

So what is this Magical body part of mine then??

MY EARS – they are my one non negotiable perfect body part.. It just is.. I love the shape, colour and size, and I know they wont get fat or lumpy if I eat cake.

I feel secure in the knowledge that they are my best attribute and if anyone tries to tell me any different I will just smile and ignore the negativity.

So do you have a favourite attribute and why doesn’t SexyG have one??

(well, he did  point one out afterwards to me but that isn’t for polite discussion ;-))