wtf weekend..

Another one yes.. I am starting to think its a conspiracy! At least this time I attempted to laugh most of it off!


  • car overheated on the way to the pav and I ended up checking the radiator and refilling it (in the pouring rain) outside Albert Luthuli Hospital with sewerage water gushing through my shoes soaking my jeanpant and leaving me in a real sorry looking state.
  • Walking Sloshing through the pav helping J find a gift to take to his gf’s bday party, feeling very self -conscious because I was SURE my shoes were stinking even though J told me he couldnt smell anything.
  • Getting ready to leave the pav, I check the water level is OK and end up nearly killing myself because as I straightened up I was stabbed in the head by ‘the Spike of Doom!’ A decorative green spike dangling at a dangerous level. The pain was like nothing I can describe and if J wasn’t with me I don’t know what I would’ve done.
  • Driving in the rain, windscreen wouldn’t defog for some reason – couldn’t see the road proper (think I may have actually been suffering from concussion?) and had 3 near accidents with one of the scenarios leaving me driving in the oncoming traffic lane till I could find a gap to cross over. Yes, there were many squeals and screams from the passenger seat which was thankfully replaced later by laughter.

Spike Of Doom

The Spike of Doom!

Hole in my head

Where it tried to pierce my Brain..


  • Woke late. CRAP! –> resulted in much rushing in whoreganising the kiddies and myself to get out the door.
  • was told I am not allowed to drive, keys taken away from me.
  • another kiddies party to go to with SexyG and once again I had the pleasure of having to endure the not so subtle rudeness  of hairyknuckle and other clan members.
  • Still suffering from a headache (from the day before) sat chuckling with my bff over the events of the day before and how I should rather not be allowed out on my own anymore..
  • found some questionable material on a public device that had me gasping for air and gagging back my lunch..
  • was chased around the garden because I threatened to *greenlight* QueenG and she was having none of it..LOL!

QueenG and I then spent the rest of the afternoon taking photo’s of each other and giggling over the crazy ppl of the day before and the crazy shit they do until sadly it was time for her to go home and leave me to lick my wounds..<-literally

I don’t think I want to have anymore weekends, thank you! Just too much stress.


*the pav – you all know the place I speak of 😉