Are you aware?

Driving my kids to school is normally done pre-coffee, half dressed mode.. I am aware I need to manage my mornings better to avoid the unfortunate moments when I am caught without a bra or with no make-up.. but its early and I live a few minutes from school and quite frankly school starts too frikken early for me to fully dressed all the time.

buckle up pg

BUT even in my coffee craving fugue in which I travel, I ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS wear my seatbelt.. and my kids follow suit. I will not drive out the driveway until everyone is buckled up and ready.. its just stupid to not do this.

Everyone knows of the dangers of driving without your seatbelt, its not a new thing and life is such a precious thing, why wouldn’t you want to preserve it?

So it truly amazes me when I see moms driving around with their two year olds standing in the back seat and bouncing around, and in the case of this morning, the mom is buckled up!?!? WTF!!??

Do they really care so little for the safety of their little ones?

Yes, I have heard all the excuses..

  • Its just down the road <- most accidents happen within 5km of your home
  • They kick up too much fuss <- be stern and don’t deviate
  • The carseat is too difficult to put in the car <- then don’t take it out


If you don’t want to wear your seatbelt because your dress may be rumpled, its squishes your boobs or your too cool with your tool, then so be it. But if you have kids in the car, be responsible and ensure some safety as you drive along with their lives in your care.

Accidents happen all too quickly, lives are lost and destroyed. Take the 10 seconds before you leave to do your bit in protecting those you love..