From Fluffy Bunnies to Anxiety ..

Had such a chillaxing and fun weekend.. Was four days of chocolate eggs, board games,PS2 games, PC games, giggling, puppy poop, squeals, teasing, laughing, rolling eyes, beach sand, mud cakes, movies, mantality and womantality with a Live Show thrown in for good measure!

Wheew! I am exhausted just remembering all the things we got up to Easter weekend! I need a holiday to recover from the weekend..hahahaha!

So how does the anxiety figure into this story?


Well, I came home last night without my boys. They wanted to stay for a few more days to continue their World of Warcraft Quest with their cousins and will be coming home tomorrow (bringing their cousins with I might add). And this is cool, they often go there and visa-versa during the holidays and both my sister and I believe strongly in maintaining the bond between cousins as they grow so we encourage this time together every chance we get.

That being said I almost turned my car around three times on the way back home last night with this GodAwful feeling that I need to go back and fetch my babies and keep them safe.. like they are in danger or something which is stupid and I know its stupid cos they told me I was being stupid every time I phoned them ready to come fetch them..

I am being stupid.. I know I am overreacting.. I KNOW! But.. I wont be happy till they are home.. safe, in front of me where I can hold them and squeeze them and kiss them and tell them how much I love them. <– Then I will exhale..

Why am I being sooo paranoid? What is wrong with me? Why do I feel the frailty of life so strongly? Why cant I just trust that things will be fine and Why do I think I can stop all the bad things from happening anyway?

*le sigh*

I think I am going to go take some of those anti-anxiety tabs I keep for just these over anxious moments and give the car keys to SexyG to stop me from driving over there tonight…