Sinner – born not bred ;-)

Ja, ja, ja … it’s been six days.. ten hail mary’s and a loofah spank 😉


Not like I haven’t got a lot to say or share.. cos I do and was driving this morning wondering what I should tackle first!!

I have been feeling very emotional lately and think it is due to the tragic news that befell my sisters little family about two weeks ago, At first I thought I was just “phasing” as we women do from time to time but I have become somewhat clingy with my family members and tearful at random moments.. and my regular “phasing” is far more volatile with the appearance of horns and the occasional tongue lashing 😉

But after spending a TOTALLY chill weekend with my bff just laughing, watching movies (with the exception of the one movie BRUNO leaving huge psychological scarring unfortunately..LOL) and eating inordinate amounts of naughty foods, I am pleased to report that I well on my way to recovery!

With work almost completely up to date and the promise of me actually having some of it done ahead of schedule I am feeling quite good. Its nice being in a position of positivity for a change ..

But before I leave I am going to share a little something with you … Last night I was at a business network meeting, you know, hobnobbing with the locals and so forth when I was accosted by a guy who proceeded to spend half an hour explaining to me what a mothertrucking moron he is.. and I am pleased to announce – Mission Accomplished!  He not only accomplished this mission but I think he is in line for an award or two.. 😉

*Wally explained to me in GREAT detail how a Hard Drive carries an image of all data previously stored on it regardless of how many times it gets formatted and whether or not  the data gets written over it…This image is held somewhere secret and only special people can access it using super powerful software.  My attempts to educate the man moron fell on deaf ears.. I am a chickypoo afterall and he has 18 years of experience *le sigh*. He just kept talking over me adjusting his belly as he spoke about the AMAZING software at this fingertips that can retrieve any data and that the only way to truly destroy information on a hard drive is to burn it..?!?! omg.. someone please save me. I was bleeding internally at this stage and practically begging some random stranger across the room to rescue me with mine eyes.. I think he either had met Wally before or thought I was having a fit cos he ran the other way…..

I eventually left the event muttering under my breathe and went home to a  “death by choc” magnum(choc really does soothe the soul). I don’t know why but It really upsets me when people utter stupid things and refuse to listen to reason. Buggering asshole!

Anyhoot, back to my happy place 😉 I am going to phone the aircon guy now again and explain to him in as much detail as possible why it important to return the cool air to me pronto and not next week like he said earlier cos I am glowing in all my not so ladylike places and I dont think the office equipment will do so well poolside. I am sure he will see my side of things!


*Wally is not his real name although it should be..