Time and Place for everything..

This post will probably result in copious amounts of hate mail (again) but wtfever..This shit needs to be said.

angry woman

I am a woman in business.. and I have emotions and cycles and all that other jazz just like everyone else. I have been the victim of tragedy and extreme emotional upheaval and still had to get out of bed, brush my teeth and get on with my day like you… and you… and you.

But I don’t go about dropping a giant turd on your head because my life is tough.. particularly if we are doing business even if you deserve it. I keep my head cool and my emotions in check. The workplace has no room for emotions. If I feel overwhelmed I walk away. Why can’t you?

What do you think you will achieve by shouting, screaming and calling people names because you have not received the result you wish?? The only result I see is that you will be viewed as incompetent and unprofessional.  I have in the past been a victim of some female clients emotional outbursts but maintained my position politely but firmly. It isn’t easy when all I want to do is punch her in the mouth to shut her up.. but I see no positive results emanating from her receiving a fat lip from me no matter how funny it may seem or how good it may make me feel.

Saying all of that, I have recently witnessed on a few occasions women in business behaving like assholes.


Asshole may seem like a harsh word but its mild in comparison to the wild, out of control behaviour these women displayed with their staff and/or service providers.

Come on Ladies! You know better than this. And don’t fall for that bullshit that we must be tougher in business crap. Being tougher doesn’t mean we must be cruel and irrational! Business is not a romance, don’t lose your head. Its the quickest way to lose control and ultimately everything else.

Go for a tea break, compose your thoughts, send an email. In every business there are channels available for every instance. Read the manual, Follow the correct channels. Don’t stand in front of an audience and attack an employee’s intelligence or his/her competence, that never ends in positive results. The staff walk away feeling unhappy and ultimately unhappy staff are deadwood.

So buck the fuck up!