Blog Challenge – 10 things I love about you..

I received a challenge this morning from Laura ofย  Female2Female where I was asked to list 10 things I love about …. SexyG !

So here is my list.. (its going to be nauseatingly gushy so get your vomit bags out boys and girls)

After the sharks game 24072009

10 things I love about you …

  1. .. the way you make me feel like the prettiest girl in the room
  2. .. when you rub my feet while we watch series even though I don’t ask
  3. .. when I wake up each morning and I am wrapped in your arms being loved
  4. .. you jump out of bed (commando style) and try protect me if there is a noise outside
  5. .. you remind me to take my thyroid meds when its a rushed morning and I forget
  6. .. the way you can do anything, fix anything, and all you need is chewing gum and a knife ๐Ÿ˜‰
  7. .. your smile.. your legs.. and ass..and oh everything! You are so super hot and make my knees melt with just one touch!
  8. .. when you tackle me when I walk past the bed and say “Oops! looks like you’ve fallen!” *giggle*
  9. .. when I get back from taking the boys to school sometimes and you have coffee and breakfast waiting for me
  10. .. and most importantly, who I am when I’m with you


I love you babes…MWAH!!