2009 (The Movie) PG18+ SNVL



Title: 2009

An epic tale of causing kak and burning the evidence..

Theatrical Release:

Thursday, December 31st , 2009 (Wide; 3,452 theaters)

  • Briget
  • Sexy G
  • J
  • D
  • Queen G
  • Twinkle Toes
  • Batlady
  • HairyKnuckle
  • Arsefuk
  • other..
Directed by:
  • The Gods (all of them), Karma and Fate

bizarre, funny, people, shit happens,


20th Century Mox

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MPAA Rating:

PG-18+ ~ for intense epic battle sequences and warfare, sensuality, language and some sexytime…


With the only NewYear Resolution for 2009 being to be happy, the year went off with minimal pressure but true to form there is just never a dull day in the life of Briget. However despite the hurdles that she encountered through the year she managed to not only overcome them but came out the other side with smiles and whoops chanting “lets do THAT again!”.

Briget showed us her multitasking skills when she confronted her evil adversaries face to face in verbal combat and updated her Twitter Status at the same time. She shared her darkest moments with us and forced us to laugh with her through the pain. Her plans to take over the world were put on hold due to lack of funding but it was all taken in stride and plan B was put in place(TopSecret). Her Facebook friends total seesawed up and down with some people disappearing without a word and other new unsuspecting friends joining her clan.

SexyG stars in this movie as a strong character who supports Briget through everything showing her that he is not only damn right drop dead gorgeous and fun to be with but is sensitive and dependable when it counts the most.

Her Children J and D try unsuccessfully to drive their mother insane during exam time and it was a close call until she found the power plug to the bedroom that rendered them back to the dark ages whenever things got out of control.

From tears shed in memory of things past to flying through the Treetops with her Tarzan(SexyG) on Christmas Eve, the year was truly eventful for her and it seems all but wrapped up.. or is it?

…to be continued