Somewhat angry at you…

NU 135290 (white car).. You are an asshole.

Yes, I am unaware whether you are a female asshole or a male asshole or a clan of assholes even. But the fact remains that you are an asshole.

You may not remember me, but on Friday at 11.20pm while we were driving home from the Pavillion (we had just finished watching The Avatar) you decided to try kill us in your rush to go fuck knows where. You pushed us into the oncoming traffic because you decided that firstly the left hand verge was a lane and secondly that it was a good place to overtake us. That we were in the lane was of no interest to you obviously.

  1. Had G not swerved in time we would’ve been in all probability dead.
  2. Had there been cars approaching in the oncoming lane we would’ve in all probability been dead.

You may not care about your existance on this planet but I do. I have children who need me and depend on me and they could’ve, by your careless behaviour, been orphans today. Would you have explained to them why they do not have their mom anymore? I don’t think so. Would you have lost any sleep at the fact that I may be dead right now because you are an asshole? I don’t think so. Assholes like you just don’t give a shit either way.


I am tired of people driving like assholes, drunk drivers, reckless drivers, people who don’t use handsfree kits, don’t watch the road, drive aggressively and those that just race around because they are late.. Fuck you all for not caring about my safety on the road. I am tired of it now and will be taking a more proactive stand. I will pull over if I see you, photograph you if I can and most definitely report you to the traffic dept. I am that fucken tired of it all. The road is not a playground and the human body is not invincible and “Sorry” does not make things better.

I plan to live a long time.. and do not appreciate your attempts on my life. So take this as a warning. If I happen upon your vehicle in the future I may or may not leave you a reminder as to how angry I am at your stupidity.

That is all…