Stocking filler..

OK.. so I have nothing of interest to splurb here presently (well not the kind of stuff I am allowed to talk about anyway..LOL) Torn between debating the incredible artform of “Watching paint dry” and describing “The Importance of A great filing system using the Phonetic Alphabet”….

watching paint dry

…I then remembered that I was going through my AWStats the other day and perhaps you may be interested in some of the results!(or not)

Let’s just say that I have clients who would KILL for this kind of traffic 😉

Here is some Random info though:-

Top Ten Search Terms:

  1. ruler
  2. fat girls
  3. national cleavage day
  4. magnum pi
  5. boobs
  6. haters
  7. hairy everywhere
  8. breathing
  9. because i can
  10. fat girls and feeders

Top Ten Posts:

  1. My Name is…
  2. unbelievable stuff…
  3. Who I B
  4. Do my Boobs look big in this?…
  5. Happy National Cleavage day!!
  6. Ugly assed hairy buggers that piss everywhere..
  7. I really really wanna…Chana??
  8. If Friday was a feeling..
  9. And her heart would skip a beat..
  10. Red or not red..

Also Sundays are my busiest days:


So there you have it! Arb Random information which will neither enrich your life or sexcite you in any way or form..

In fact I think after reading this incredibly boring post you should go to the pub and drink at least six tequila’s.