Things are going to be different..


Told SexyG that I am not putting up a Xmas tree this year.. I’m not planning Xmas lunch and I am not buying any pressies this year apart from one special gift to each of our kids which may or may not be handmade.

Xmas day will be spent differently, for one I told my kids that they need to go spend it with their Dad, He wants them and it will be their sisters first Xmas so they should spend it with her. After many moans, groans and fearful pleas of not being fed on Xmas day I finally got them to understand that they just have no choice.

So how will I spend this day that is customarily a day of family,love and peace? I just don’t know.. The chance of SexyG seeing his girls are slim to none, my brothers and sister are all doing their own thing mostly..So that scraps the family section..but the love part occurs multiple times a day followed swiftly by peace, so that is currently covered thankfully almost on Autopilot whether I Jingle my bells or not.

To be honest, at first I was a bit sad at the turn of events as I enjoy Christmas so very very much and the thought of not having one is a truly sad thought for me, but then I realised that this opens up an opportunity for me to do something different. Something that I ordinarily can’t do..Something unthinkable almost!

What it is yet, I have no clue.. But I am thinking. And I just know that I will come up with something before long!

  • Have you got any suggestions?
  • Have you done something out of the ordinary for Xmas before?
  • So what ARE you planning for Xmas?