Uhmmm… I used to think I loved surprises.. never had a surprise birthday party and often thought how cool it would be if someone threw one for moi!


Last night however, I was politely informed that I do not like surprises.. o_O!?

After a few polite moments with me trying to recover my dropped jaw from the floor, I said

“Excuse me??”..

And this was met with a stubborn jawline and a firm look ..

“No Briget, you do not like surprises at all.. in fact surprises unsettle you and make you angry for not being able to prepare for them. You only like THE IDEA of surprises.. The idea that someone would want to surprise you.. not the actual surprise, those just leave you annoyed.”

Huh, I think he may be onto something there.. sucks though that I am like that though. No wonder no-one has thrown me a big ol’ fandangly surprise before! Suppose you all knEw didn’t you?!

Bastards couldve said something sooner instead of leaving me expectant like that for so long.

I still like pressies though!!… don’t I?!