Spin Here …


I almost did it.. It sits here in the drafts folder ready to go but I will not be sending it out today..

I thought I was “OK” with it and that I had moved on and that it was just one of those things we as people have to deal with when surrounded by Idiots and Assholes. But when I woke up this morning in PURE ANGER I realised just how much I wasnt “OK” with it afterall.

So I had some coffee, did some breathing exercises and all sorts of Mojo enhancing techniques that I could muster without resorting to putting a hairdryer on the grass in my attempt to dehydrate the front lawn into a *dube*..

I then composed the email whereby I inform the party/parties concerned of how I have made copies of all their long forgotten secrets and not so forgotten secrets (I have a file on everyone dontcha know) and will be forwarding this information to everyone they know, may have known, and might want to know..

..But I stopped there..

What will I achieve with this? They will obviously incur shame at the thought that everyone knows about their sordid past and all the terribles that go with it and not to mention the attached visual aids that I will submit, but how will it help me? I may feel a little bit A LOT better for awhile but this is short-lived and then I am still going to feel betrayed and annoyed with them.

Bottom Line, They are Assholes.. And nothing I do or say will change this.

This knowledge does not make me less angry though, neither does it stop me from composing the email and prepare to unleash some demons.. But it does stop me from clicking “SEND“…for today at least.