I just discovered..


  • That after not sleeping properly for days when sick..I am now battling to sleep more than 6 hours.. <–Insomnia is boring
  • That even though my kiddies are Big Boys.. They still need their Momma.. <–*Happy Dance*
  • That the corner Cafe wont deliver eggs even if I ask naaaisely!.. <–Muffins will have to wait
  • That I am still battling to overcome the urge to say Fck You to ppl.. <– Find myself screaming it in my head now instead
  • That sometimes the truth is not as important as is who can lie the most convincingly.. <–Another Fck You moment
  • That HairyKnuckle still reads my blog .. <–Fan, perhaps?
  • That I need more coffee.. <– Cup is empty again