Undemanding children and BigFoot..

I have yet to meet one of those for myself..

You Say Potato I Say Fuck You

So of late I have been a bad blogger *spank-spank-giggle*..  but lets not dwell on that frivolousness right now.

Here is a quick snapshot of things on my mind:

  • Sticking my foot up Hairyknuckle’s ass (fear of it falling off from toxic shock prevents me)..
  • Children who DONT DO THEIR DAMN projects on time/at all..
  • Holidays..
  • *Censored*..
  • End of month accounts..
  • My current urge to say *fuck you* all the time..
  • This cold that refuses to release me from its evil clutches..
  • How much I have been enjoying my BIRTHDAY month!!..
  • The Hill2Hill2009 ..hoping and praying for good weather this year..
  • My ass and what it REALLY looks like..(I worry about this from time to time)..
  • Some more *censored* stuff ..
  • I think my car license is expiring..must dbl check..
  • School holidays almost upon me..what will I do with them?

.. as you can see its just a jumble of boring arb stuff, a day in the life of me really..

More importantly, what have you been upto? I miss you, dontcha know 😉 So take a minute and share with me, distract me if you will..


P.S. A BIG Thank you to ANGEL and GLUGS for the wonderful birthday surprise!! MWAH!