You’re a prime example why your dad should’ve dbl bagged his tackle…


Arsefuk did himself a dirty. He just isn’t smart enough to realise it yet…let me explain. πŸ˜‰

Yesterday J asked his Dad for *R120. His dad said “Yes, no problem. I will put the money in your account!”

wait for it…

just wait…

Its coming…


…here it is..

2 hours later Arsefuk phones J back and says that he has put the maintenance money into my account a few days early and that J must ask me now for the R120.

Did you see that coming? Did you? Well, sadly I did.

I felt so bad for J, he was mortified. He had already told all his friends that he was going to be able to go to the LAN and now his dad pulls this humdinger out of his bum. Who promises to give their kid money and then turns around and says take it out of the maintenance, thats what the money is for!?!Β  He does this everytime the kids ask for anything from him. J’s last birthday he told J that whatever I buy the J is actually from him because he pays maintenance. Yes, he IS that stupid. But wait there is more..

Later that night he phones his dad again, trying to see if his dad is over his moment of madness.. And that is when it happened.. I had nothing to do with it. I keep out of these things, you know. I let the boys make up their own minds about him.. I watched J’s face as realisation hit him, as he fully comprehended who his dad really was. He finally understood that he couldn’t depend on his dad to tell him the truth. He understood that he couldn’t expect his dad to keep his word. He understood that his dad doesn’t really listen to him. He also understood that his dad was a very flawed person.

He ended the call with his dadΒ  a very sad boy, came over to me, gave me a hug and told me he loves me..and thats how we sat for a little while.

My heart broke..children shouldn’t reach a point where they are dissapointed by their parents.. Its just not right.

What is even more sad is that Arsefuk feels justified in what he says & does and blindly believes that his boys will love him no matter what he does..


* R120, J could pay this himself. He gets pocket money, he has money in his account, but I also know that he is saving all his pocket money at the moment because he wants to buy a scooter next year..