Aye carrent balief ….

I seldom give much thought as to what sort of impression I make on people because subconsciously I just generally know people don’t get me.


I am always misunderstood and in most cases raise eyebrows. And thats my family.. I wont even get into the effect I have on the rest of the populace.

People who take the time to bond with me, have a friend for life.. the rest aren’t intelligent enough to know a good thing when it bitchslaps them. My humor is not for the feeble and my tongue cuts through to the bone when I am crossed, but in general I actually mean no harm and will go out of my way to help where I can.

But the popular perception is that I am a tough koeksister that takes no kak.. The reality is that I am a shy girl that is far too often misunderstood and find people dont warm to me easily..

It doesn’t help that I don’t like stupid, narrow minded people and don’t tolerate people who spew crap for the sake of spewing crap. And that this personal pet hate of mine is not concealed by the standard plugin that others seem to come prebuilt with.

I don’t pretend to be nice to people that are stupid, mean, arrogant, unpleasant and/or full of shit. I have learnt to walk away and say nothing instead, but I wont engage in small talk for the sake of appearances..

That being said, I came to a surprising discovery of late where it would appear that I am more liked than I previously thought possible.

Have I changed? Is it me? Am I a nicer person? More easily understood? Are my jokes finally being caught? Or have people around me realised that life is short and they are running out of possible tjommies in their lives?

Its scary to be in a position where taking over the world no longer consists of having to incorporate a front man because your public image is not one of kissing babies or helping old ladies cross the road but one of avoiding babies like the plague and helping old ladies change their vibrator batteries…

I kinda like this thing where I am loved by more..But I hope that all this new free love and bondaging doesn’t change me too much!

:shock: :mrgreen: :shock: :mrgreen: :roll: