And her heart would skip a beat..

At the very thought of Tom Selleck my mom would visibly swoon and shout at all of us to keep quiet because her boyfriend was coming on the telly!


Aint he Just GAWJISS!!!

Even my Dad understood he was out moustached by ol Magnum PI. He would just chuckle and watch my mom get excited everytime TomSelleck smiled for the camera’s and how she would gasp when he got tackled by the bad guys..

My mom LOVED Tom Selleck and I think if she had been given the opportunity to meet him in real life she would’ve happily left us all behind and run off with him (<–read kidnap him).

So here is an image you can print and iron on a T-shirt and have your own HeartThrob Memorabilia of the Original StudMeister!!


HeartThrob To go…

Happy Birthday Mom,

I love you and miss you like mad!