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I have kept quiet for long enough and feel that it has served no purpose. Some people go about things in such an atrocious way that perhaps the only way forward is to name and shame..

Airing my Dirty Laundry

Correct me if I am wrong on this.. Show me a better way forward when dealing with an obtuse beast that believes that material things hold more value than love..

SexyG hasnt seen his daughters since before Easter..Missed their birthdays and still he sits and waits for the  self absorbed bitch to come to her senses.. How sad for the little girls not to be able to spend anytime with their Dad because their Mom has issues. Very sad indeed!

I tried mediating with ol’ Hairyknuckle a few weeks back by sending her an email suggesting that we all get together and try and find an amicable solution in the best interest of the girls. She phoned me the next day and it was an exhausting conversation to say the least. She went to great lengths to tell me that  I am the reason why she doesn’t have a relationship with SexyG and why he will no longer have a relationship with his daughters. :-O !! Really?

I kept asking her what she wants.. and she would avoid my question. Told me we must do what we want. She is not interested in changing her mind on this matter.

She then went on to tell me that SexyG doesn’t try hard enough to see his children. And that he needs to make more effort?  How BIZARRE! Everytime he phones she doesn’t answer.. and all sms’s get ignored..He isn’t allowed to come to their *home as MacDonald s has always been the point of pickup, so what must he do? I asked her what she tells the girls when they ask about their dad, and she said that she tells them that she is more than accommodating but he chooses not to make enough effort. Wow, can she be full of shit or what?

To complete the conversation off with me she threw in for good measure “oh and you probably killed your mother too..”

Great, her mental instability is ever present… Speaking with her on the phone brought home to me how awful she really is.I have not had a conversation with someone as shallow and self absorbed as her in quite some time!

Now I sit back and wonder to myself what I have ever done to her to make her behave in such an atrocious manner.. and I can think of nothing, niks, nada! There is the blogging of HairyKnuckle I suppose but that was after the fact, actually. The venom that she extrudes predates the blog by many months..

So why is she being such a stupid cow then? The girls are pampered and loved and treated like princesses when they are here with their Daddy. He eats their tummies and tickles their toes. They want for nothing and get dirty with the boys and are found shrieking with giggles when the boys do something silly.. Family is important to us, to me and should be important to her.

So its been awhile since he has been able to see his kids and not marrying the stupid bitch he doesn’t have too many rights unless he wants to go the route of long court proceedings in which he isnt guaranteed a win(fathers in the country don’t have too many rights). Or we could wait it out till the girls are old enough to see through their mothers crappy way (which they will) and insist on seeing their Dad.

But, I still believe that underneath all that materialist and self-loving bullshit she is a mother and wants what is best for her girls. And with that hope I lay and wait for her to catch a wake up and stop spending so much time looking for a husband/slave and do the right thing by her kids.

Its not about her.. but she wants it to be about her. She wants to have a ‘relationship’ with him by her own admission and if she cant have one then he cant have one with his girls.

It is FathersDay on Sunday(Tomorrow).. and the girls are being denied the hugs and kisses that they so rightly deserve..

..shame on you Hairyknuckle! Is this what your mother did to your Dad, did she tell you that he did not make enough effort?

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