Twisted Nipples..

Everyone of us has got a past.. some are more colourful than others.. and some are just plain horrible…


But each and everyone of those moments plays a part in forming and molding us into the individuals we are today.

I was listening to some ladies the other day go on about their exes..Yowser!

And it got me thinking about being bitter and twisted inside and how it can negatively effect the view people have of you. Some relationships end very badly and can cause some serious damage to the people concerned. And it can become  all consuming for awhile..the trick is to know when to let go, when to stop allowing the negativity to consume your thoughts.. and when to stop talking about it.

I don’t think I am bitter or twisted individual,there was a time when I was very bitter about events in my life but I have gotten past all that.  Now, I am perhaps just a little bit jaded about certain things and I have found better coping skills when dealing with terrible people now..but definitely not bitter and twisted.

I am guilty of a colourful past with some just plain horrible thrown in for good measure but wouldn’t trade it in for the world if it changed who I am today.  For all the nasty that the world throws at us we have wonderful moments that exist in between…

  • I may have a terrible ExHusband, but I have two wonderful boys whom I love with all my heart..
  • I may have experienced heartbreaking loss of parents, but I appreciate each moment so much more..
  • I may have to endure the calamities of Hairyknuckle, but I get to wake up in the arms of the most wonderful man in the world each morning..
  • I may not be the richest person in the world(yet), but I own my own business and get to impact on the world positively every day..

With each impacting moment we grow, and with each growth we improve our lives.

Dont give power to the negative, instead look at the positive of each moment and focus on that.



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