Travelling Luggage..

It has been an obvious amount of time since I have spewed some words here.. and all for good reasons!


I have been busy working on a personal project that has consumed most of my thoughts lately but I am pleased to announce it is going along Stunningly!

On the work front there is always more work pending and being wicked there is obviously no rest either. But I enjoy the challenges that are thrown at me every day and those that really piss me off I just gooi back!

Other than that I have all I have on my mind lately is holiday.. I need a holiday so badly! I find myself fantasizing of sundowners at the beach being fed grapes by an oiled down and half clad SexyG while I bask in the sunshine and mindnumbing nothingness..

But then I wake up and realize its fokken cold and I am at sitting at my desk with a ten page TODO list.. *sigh*

A few weeks back I was thinking of going to Mpumalanga for a few days with SexyG at the one resort there(sooo beautiful) and making a round trip through JHB to visit some family and friends.. But the idea of spending so much time in a car is unpleasant for me. I do not travel that easy, in fact I seldom do more than 50km’s a week because it just unnerves me so much nowadays. Flying was also an option but after doing the calculations of flights and renting a car and so forth.. it became an unrealistic financial equation. So I scrapped the idea for now..

But I need a break and will instead go somewhere closer by for now. Not sure where but thinking of the midlands where I can snuggle down in front of a fireplace drinking far too much sherry and wearing nothing but a big blankie and SexyG for two days or so.. 😉 As long as there are no computers, cellphones, clients, children and where we can get massages and alone time..

So I am busy scanning the different accommodation websites and will be booking for the second weekend in July, I CAN HARDLY WAIT!

Maybe next time I will get abit more adventurous and do a CapeTown trip(never been there) or heaven forbid actually use my passport and go over the border..hehehe!