J ages me once more..

My Big Boy is almost 15 years old! In exactly a weeks time to be more precise.

Hard to believe that I held this little cute little munchkin in my arms almost 15 years ago!

Ok, so he was only 2,995Kg’s at birth but still…unbelievable that I can create such an awesome specimen of gorgeousness!! My heart skips a beat when he smiles at me and even in moments of pure rage when I have to tie myself down not to rip his arm off and beat him with the sticky end, I LOVE him completely and utterly.


Isn’t he just the sexiest! 😀

He was a very cute baby, grew into such a cute boy..but at present he is in the throes of Anguished Teenager and doing all he can to drive me dilly! But I love him.. and I am hoping and praying for this to pass over soon..(fingers and nipples crossed)

And tall, the child is sooo Tall! With a height of 173cm’s and a size 9 shoe I am guaranteed he will be taller than his momma.. He is such a funny child, makes me laugh all the time with his dry sense of humour. J is also very very smart and can run rings around his peers when/if he applies himself even though he is ADD.

I love him so very much and try to protect him as much as I can with life but there is only so much a mom can do. When he goes to his friends for the weekend, I tell him “No Porn!” and he blushes and says “AAW Mom!” .. this is all good and well but I fear for the day he turns back to me and says “Why not?”.. But that day is not here yet, so for now I cuddle and love him and tell him when he gets full of shit “J, What would Jesus do?” gives him food for thought and makes him pull his lips  a bit..but it seems to be working so far.

There was a time when he would ask for Lego and Spiderman figurines but this year he has asked for Special Gaming Peripherals for his PC. Each one costing in excess of R1000.00. So I am probably going to have to either sell my body or turn to a life of crime..

Will keep you posted on what I finally decide on.