So what?

My cellphone rings.. and I look and its a private number. I debate whether to answer it as I don’t normally answer private numbers because only rude people knock on my door and refuse to announce who they are..

Its business hours however and answer it I did. I wish I hadn’t though.

It starts out friendly enough with the caller on the other end introducing herself as someone or other from attorneys in bloemfontein? I couldn’t hear her too well at first because it wasn’t such a clear line..


She asked me where my mom is. I told her that unfortunately my mom passed away almost two years ago. She then went on to tell me that my mom is in arrears with her TV License. I tried to explain to her that I had contacted SABC at the time that she had passed but she wasn’t interested. She told me that this has no bearing on the facts that my mom owes them money. I half laughed at this..And asked her how can they expect payment from my mom when she is no longer alive? Ignoring my question she wanted to know what happened to the TV. I told her it was sold or given away, I am not sure. Unimpressed with my answer,she informed me that someone has to pay.

I tried again to bring understanding to her obvious dimwittedness..

“You don’t understand, My mom is no longer watching TV, she hasn’t for a long time. She has passed away” I said to her and she responded to that with…

…”So What?! You can pay.”

I was so shocked at this that I told her to Fuck Off and put the phone down..

She phoned back a few seconds later and this time SexyG answered the phone and he asked for her name and such and she refused to give it to him and slammed the phone down on him.

I heard that the SABC is in a slight financial bind but is it that bad that this is what SABC has been reduced to? Trying to harass the family of deceased registered TV License holders?

Shame on you SABC, Shame on you!