Long Haul..

Marriages/Long term relationships are serious hard work..

Anyone who is in a relationship/marriage for more than a year deserves a medal/award and that I suppose is why there are anniversaries..(the more years you put in the bigger the prize!)


It doesn’t matter who you are, living with another person and sharing your cheese with them is tough. Lets have a closer look at the difficulties we experience in this cohabitation ritual..

In the beginning everything is still new and things are often forgiven and overlooked and you solve all your problems and arguments with mind-etching sex.. The sex re-enforces your bond and you forget the small stuff quickly.

After about a year of this and you have succeeded in not breaking your vagina or his penis in your aid to overcome the small irritations that are somehow not lessening, you try addressing these concerns less coital and more verbal.. Hurt feelings are abound as a consequence.. RESULT – you end up in wild monkey sex in your attempt to smooth over the troubled water as it were.. Concerns don’t go away but you are re-enforcing your bond with each other nonetheless..

Two years into the relationship and your guava sends you a memo and asks if there isn’t a less invasive method in dealing with the toilet seat position and dinner duties.. You concede. You discuss this with your partner, he agrees as he got a concerning memo from his penis, only his was slightly different with his penis trying to find new and interesting ways to spark conflict.. You agree to deal with all concerns and conflict with a more mature and less carnal approach.. RESULT – This works well in the beginning, but after about a week of discussing everything and “being open” you both start feeling a bit neglected personally and this creates hurt feelings which brings you both back to crazy carnival nookie..  Not much gets resolved but the sex is great and you are after all re-enforcing your bond with each other..

Three-four years later.. your vagina and his penis have to concede that if they haven’t broken yet they probably made of tougher stuff than even they realised. He is still your sex-god that can make you do things that make you blush when you think of it. You are still his little sex-kitten that makes his penis purr and makes him groan with delight when he thinks about it. You still have your conflict and all your issues.. but you deal with it quickly and then get down to the fun stuff as soon as you can. your bond is super strong and you know that there isn’t anything that you can’t resolve if you..uhm.. work on it hard enough! 😉

Yeah relationships are tough.. but as you can see..it is definitely tougher on some parts more than others !!