I cannot tell a lie…


..I understand that I am not easy..in fact I will normally tell you right away that complicated is my middle name along with difficult, unreadable, impatient, brilliant, naughty and dorothy..

I blame my parents for the naming bit.. “Briget Complicated Difficult Unreadable Impatient Brilliant Naughty Dorothy Ferguson” Not my fault as you can see..It’s a burden really!

Anyway.. so as much as I know this to be true I still want people to be nice to me, at the very least civil, you understand me so far?


So why are people such assholes to me? I actually getting very tired of the bullshit. I want people to either be respectful and polite to me or they must just FOAD.. Fair request I think.

It isnt like I go around looking for trouble, it just naturally hangs around me cos..uhm…*cof-cof*.. I make awesome tea! (I will wait till you stop laughing)

So when I hear of things being said of me or targeted to me I pause and think about what I may or may not have done to deserve it..and after much digging it would appear the truth is, it isn’t as much what I do, as much as what they do!

It would appear that my blog causes some consternation/sphincter aches  for people.. They don’t mind acting like idiots and assholes and sociopathic morons..Nope,  as long as no-one actually says anything about it they can go around pretending that it isn’t true.

THEN a braincell or two ignites in their cerebrum almost causing unknown damage as they decide to check up on me and read my blog. And whilst reading my blog the penny drops and they realise that the character they are laughing at is them.. And they go from laughing till  the coffee comes out the nose to setting off the fire alarm at the office with the gusts of smoke emanating from the nostrils..Sufficiently pissed off because they don’t like what I have written, whether it is true or not is irrelevant(In fact they are more irate at the truth than anything else!), they come after me for blood and skin.

What am I going to do about this..hmm? Should I censor myself (and I do censor myself alot already. You should see the unposted stuff..)even more to please people OR should I continue to blog about the things that I want to blog about and in doing so lose more friends and alienate more people?

My brother used to say something as a young kid which I have heard him still mumble to this day “F@ck the People, I am the people..” I don’t completely believe that this is the correct way to behave as we should always be considerate of peoples feelings but if those people go out of their way to be rude, hurtful and poisonous, why should I be caring and considerate in return?!

I only write the truth, I do try to write from a more comical stance because the reality of it all is painful and serious enough.

At the core of it though I am just a girl, and this girl is tired of the conflict and drama and bullshit that people are causing for me.  Although it could be argued that I cause a fair amount of it for myself because of what I have written.

Yes, my blog has some real saucy bits in it indeed.. I forget alot of what I write because of the therapeutic effect it has on me.. So I have spent a few days going back in my posts and rereading some stuff ..

And SHOOOOOOOWEEEEEE!!! AIKARUMBA! I have not held back too many punches have I?!?!?

I must’ve have been very angry at those moments as I can still feel some of my feelings come through as I read them to myself.. In fact people should be pleased that the only real venting I do is via my blog and that my urges are never truly acted upon..   less messy 😉

So I am still deliberating my position because I still have so much to say but I am tired of the crap. So  do I move into complete anonymity or should I flip everyone the bird and try my best to ignore the #haters out there?!?

I will think about this for a little bit longer, I think.

While I do this, share with me..what are your opinions on this..do you have a blog?

How would you deal with this?