How Rude!

Its funny how good news can sometimes bring not only smiles abound but startling information that makes your skin crawl..

Being stalked online

I recently entered into a Dispute with a very well known Cellphone company because I discovered that in 2006 they listed me on the ITC credit bureau for just over R10 000.00.

The cellphone company were under the impression that I was on contract with them and when I canceled my service with them, they subsequently without as much as a “How’s Your Guava?” tallied up a bill of income they couldve generated from me and listed me. Long story cut short.. I won the dispute as they were idiots. As a finalisation of this process Transunion sent me an updated report to reflect the changes.

And there it was..

.. right at the bottom.

A list of companies/people who have requested a report of my credit history in the past. And right at the top?

A property letting company based in Durban vetted me in February this year. How Bizarre!,I have been living in the same place for the past 2-3 years and am not letting through an agent by any means or form. I have not even been on the market for property for years. Why on earth would they be scratching around in my personal business?

I then made a few phone calls to Transunion and they confirmed that unless the company has my consent they are not entitled to pull up any information about me on their database. And suggested I contact the company in question and get to the bottom of this and notify them of my findings.

Two phone calls later and I have the Manageress on the line and after a few questions the penny drops for me..


She actually had the bloody nerve to scratch around in my personal information!

I am very disgusted by this and I hope she gets her ass kicked for this. Who does she think she is? Does she think that she is the only one who can pull records?

Just because I can does not mean I must!

And I feel that doing that for no other reason but to pry is just not as low as I am willing to travel.

As for her employer. They should have stricter control on who uses a system that is so obviously being abused.

I await the feedback from them…



I got an email from the company late yesterday afternoon whereby they apologised on Hairyknuckle’s behalf stating that she accepts responsibility and is sorry for her behaviour.
They followed on by saying that due to the obvious abuse of the facility they have removed access from an agent level and all ITC credit Checks will be handled on a management level from now on.

I am pleased with the outcome of this situation and am pleased that they have put in stricter controls.
But I ask this question of all of you..
Have you requested your (Free)Credit Report and had a look at just who has been accessing your details lately?
Have you had a look and checked that you aren’t listed in error?
Do yourself a favour and go have a look.

Stay Fab and thanks for all the fantastic support from everyone!!!