Ghandi speaks..

I have spent many many days reflecting on my situation and pondering all the possibilities available to me with regards to revenge and making Arsefuk pay for his stupid arrogant and hurtful attitude to my boys.. And while I was at it I  thought about the other negative influences in my life and ways to remove them aswell..


And it was fun, thinking of the multitude of methods at my disposal that would make them aware of their frailties and would probably make me feel a damn site better!

But rational kicked in somewhere along the way unfortunately, I remembered something that Ghandi once said that reminded me that vengeance is probably not the answer after all.

Gandhi once said “I object to violence because when it appears to do GOOD, the GOOD is only temporary; the EVIL it does is PERMANENT”

So as hard as it is for me to let it go, let it go I am.

I wash my hands off of all negativity and just wont allow it back in mine and my children’s life. Everybody on this planet makes choices each day and THEY ultimately will need to deal with the repercussions thereof whether they are good or bad.

And since I am unable to go out and *korrel I have taken to other more effective forms of calming down… I have tackled the workshop in sorting and organising everything which was a TASK and a half because we are talking about computer stuff people.. data cables, power cables, pc cards of all varies shapes and sizes, LAN cables, Antennaes, more cables, power tools, not so power tools, etc, etc..  I was exhausted at the end of it all to be honest.. but at least I wasn’t in prison, eh ;-)..

Also the next day I baked cupcakes for the kiddies (big and small).. My youngest, D, helped me arrange the dinosaurs on the top… he did a fabulous job dontcha think?


So for me I can finally say that I can now speak without swearing and I can now type without gesticulating profanities at the monitor.. Progress has been made.


*korrel is afrikaans for aiming.. normally used when referring to aiming a gun..