Just dont read this…

… it contains anger, swearing,CAPS and murderous thoughts that may/may not result in the possible need for an alibi.


A word I am currently saying in succession and unable to find another word that can quite say how I feel right now.


The asshole has done it again.. why do I expect any different from him?? He is soo fucken full of himself and doesnt give a shit.. yes thats right..


Last year he refused to take the boys for any of the school holidays, because he had to work and other stupid fucked up lame assed excuses he could pull out of his rotten dirty lying hairy ass. So that left me to deal with the boys during the holidays last year. And it wasnt easy. This year I told him right at the beginning  that he needs to pull his weight.

Well, he has since then decided to show me that he will not do anything he doesnt want to do. And he has allocated his leave to riding Motorbikes and other stupid selfish bullshit that he wants to do.

At the last minute.. the boys phone him to find out what time he is coming and he says he isnt. He tells them that he cant take time off work.. He also tells them that he MIGHT consider taking them for the weekend if I phone and lick his ass.

Fuck him and the horse he beats and abuses..

I am soooo sick of his shit. I am keeping away from all cellphones, landlines and car keys.. Because I know.. He would enjoy nothing more than to hear how angry I am. This is his goal.He couldnt care how what he does effects the boys. Why should he? His attitude is that he pays his maintenance.. the rest is my problem. He told me recently that he has a life and I should leave him alone to live it.

I mean REALLY?!?!?

I have to work too.. When do I get time off? When do I get a break? Why does he not just do the right thing?

Tired – I am just soo tired of fighting for things to be fair. I am tired of his lies and his attitude.

And I know that something needs to change. And he is leaving me little option in this world but to get ruthless in return.

I am biding my time until I am more in control of my temper and then I will decide on a way forward..

Do you have any ideas or suggestions perhaps?


P.S. as an added bonus, anyone who wants His facebook details so you can see just what a REAL FUCKEN ASSHOLE looks like, just drop a comment indicating and I will email it to you.. 😉