Boobs, Boobs, everywhere…

NCD aka National Cleavage day..

The day most men wait in anticipation all year long.. diligently marking off the sleeps left on their calenders.

And disappoint we MUST NOT!

I have personally been very torn as to whether I should show mine cleavage on this here interwebs or not.. bearing in mind that I have recently acquired some new stalkers that are almost definitely going to have LOTS and LOTS to say about it..And as I sit here the debate continuous…

What is it about the bosom that drives men so gagga anyway? Is it the soft round curves, the warmth of snuggling into a plentiful bosom.. is it the way that they bounce when we walk.. or is it just the maternal aspect of the breast that drives men wild?

Why do women feel self conscious about showing their boobs and men don’t? Is it because our boobs tend to grow bigger then mens(not always true) or society with its warped sense of propriety?

I don’t know myself. I tend to try and keep the girls out of harms way mostly myself.. but today.. I think we will come out and play ๐Ÿ˜‰

So caution has been thrown to the wind and SexyG took a pic this morning of “the Girls” in support of this obviously very very important day!


“Cleavage – I got some..