Hey..who threw sand in my eyeballs?

I am sooooo feeeling my age right now. My days of partying for a week with no sleep has apparently come to a very abrupt end.


Since Wednesday last week I haven’t had more than 4 hours sleep a night and I am feeling this in all of its entirety right now.

Wednesday night we had some awesome friends come over for dinner …It turned out to be such a lekker lekker night! (You know who you are!) and I look forward to seeing them again.

Thursday night we worked till the wee hours…working at night has its advantages, and I had some stuff that needed to be done before the next day..deadlines can be a bitch like that sometimes..

Friday we went to the 27Dinner… Was awesome meeting all them new and interesting people. I may/may not have made some new friends. ALSO… Learnt some new and interesting things from Justin, Mike, Shebee and Kishyr and therefore according to the rules of the universe I am forced to stalk them forever..

Saturday morning SexyG and I had a breakfast date with my boys at 7am at the Pav.. It’s important to maintain a sense of properness and spend quality time with them away from the PS2, TV, and PC. I do love my boys so very much. I then did some window shopping with the boys while SexyG went to meet with Hairyknuckle. Meeting was a complete waste of time it would seem. She just wanted to whine about my blog and there was no constructive conversation about the girls and her unreasonable behaviour with regards to access. Instead it was all about her and her bullshit. Who cares? Stop your evil ways and be reasonable, perhaps then we can ALL get together for coffee! That way you can call me names to my face instead of just spewing trash to people who really dont care..:lol:

Saturday afternoon we went to the rugby… And watched the Sharks kick the Brumbies to touch! Go Sharks Go! Boerie and Slaai flowed freely afterwards and we ate while watching all the kids run and kick rugby balls to each other…

Saturday evening we finally arrive home.. SexyG and I collapse into each others arms from pure exhaustion at some or other unholy hour only to woken up an hour or so later with another blasted buggering bloody storm that rumbled all through the early morning…

Sunday J woke me up at 8am with a tennis ball bouncing outside my window all the while whistling(apparently he didnt realise I could hear him..). I could have just killed him. The whole day I felt like death warmed up and only barely managed to change out of my jammies only to find myself sitting staring at the wall in the lounge with the most pressing thought in my head being that I need to get my PC out of SafeMode today and then I can drag myself back to bed..Unfortunately even after restoring the registry and threatening to rip the Processor out with my teeth it is still in SafeMode..Not going to worry about it now.. will look at it maybe tonight..

Sunday night (last night) at least a DOZEN rogue mozzies had hidden in the bedroom waiting for us to fall asleep before making themselves known and went about driving us nuts all night long…It was a night of torture.. consisting mostly of light on-light off!!

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..light on, look around, swat a few imaginary insects and light off…few seconds later..

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.. light on, look around.. see four fothermuckers laughing at us from the dressing table, run over to them and proceed to whack whack everything until it looks like we got them all, Light off….not long afterwards..



Tonight I will be wearing a full body sock and keep a can of Peaceful Sleep under my pillow.. Bastards!

So today productivity is obviously low and I am drooling at the thought of bedtime!

Enough about me…How was your weekend?? What did you do? Did you learn anything?

Were you good, even??