When is enough.. really enough?!?

What would be your point at which you would call it?


1.  You are served the most delicious Dinner imaginable.. The meat is tender.. the flavour exquisite, the temperature just perfect.. You almost cry out in pleasure as the first bite explodes in your mouth..But eating this masterpiece one delicious bite at a time.. how do you know when enough is enough? How do you stop yourself from over indulging and therefore ruining it by making yourself ill??

2.  You are involved in a quarrel with your neighbour. He wants you to stop putting your rubbish on his side of the pavement and you want him to stop whining like a little girl about crap.Things start to escalate and the next thing you know you are chopping down his prize lemon tree from your side of the fence while he dumps battery acid in your pool in the back. At what point do you call a truce before you both end up being someones bitch in prison because you went to far?

3.  You have been allocated a task at work. It is a rather large project which entails at least a few days of continuous slogging over. You were given two weeks to complete.. You put it off and put it and put it off knowing that the deadline approaches and that if you do not complete the task you will not only lose your cushy job with all of its multitude of perks but there is a very real chance a few co-workers may organise a hit on you as their jobs hang in the balance as well. But for the life of you, you are just unable to bring yourself to start, nevermind complete this project.. it is just soooooo boring and meaningless in your life of sex, booze and horny chicks that surround you.. with only one day left to deadline.. what would it take for you to finally realise that enough is enough and your finger is going to need to either come out of your ass or it risks being chopped off by Scary Guy from Marketing?!?!

4.  The most sexiest piece of ManMeat enters your bedroom.. He catches your eye. You smile and wait expectantly for more. He slowly undresses exposing all of his unbelievably beautiful and amazing body and you sigh as excitement ripples through you.. He slowly removes your flimsy nighty and you notice how erect and full he has become at a mere touch of your hand on his thigh..He proceeds to thrust himself into you repeatedly making you moan and groan as wave after wave of pleasure consumes you both.. Will you be able to stop this before you pass out from dehydration and death by penis?!?!

5.   You rented the first 4 seasons of Greys Anatomy to watch on your own.. You took a week of work to do this.. told everyone you were going to Disneyland and instead snuggled down with McDreamy and McSteamy with allsorts of evil looking snacks with nothing but a remote, pj’s and a blankie..It is intense. You watch as Izzie lays on the bathroom floor mourning the death of her beloved. You share with Meredith as she cries out to MacDreamy to love her, choose her.. And never forgetting the unfolding of such new and raw love as shown between Callie and Erica.. and whilst in the throes of all this drama and intrigue between the residents of Seattle Grace is being devoured by you, the popcorn in the microwave explodes and a fire has started in the kitchen..What do you do? There is a fire, yes.. but there is also no ad breaks.. and you just cant seem to draw yourself away from the TV… At what point do you get your ass off the bloody bed and either kill the flames with the blanket or call the professionals because you know you will probably just make the fire worse really?!! When, hmmm???!?


So when is enough, finally enough?!?!?!