“Because I can..” This is the title for my blog and is so named because that is exactly the reason for it being birthed..

I blog Because I can!


I have never made any secret of my blog. The stuff I write about is very much my own, in that I only write about what affects me.. And then I really actually dont say as much as I could because even though it looks like I am documenting each and every thing.. this is far from the truth. There is soooooo much I dont say mostly because it is not my place to say and also I never intend to really hurt anyones feelings UNLESS it is quite evident that the person holds mine in complete disregard. And even then it is still not intentional.. it happens naturally.

Ok, so here I am.. Writing about this and that.. sometimes boring mundane crap.. other times angry yet surprisingly informative crap.. but at the end of each post I put my name down. I take ownership and responsibility for all that I say. And for those that dont like what I say, there is CLAUSE B, and if that is not enough for you.. then you can phone me or email me.. I will listen to your whines and bullshit and then act accordingly.. But here is the thing. IF you want me to take what you say seriously.. dont create stupid NON DE PLUMS and think you are clever.. cos all you actually succeed in doing is showing me your cowardice and stupidity.

Sooooooooooo… last night… I get an email… which made me laugh so much I almost cried!

It would appear that Hairy Knuckle has discovered my blog…:lol: And told some of her friends.. and they, indignantly of course, were forced to read all I wrote..followed by the angry email.

The email was complete with spelling and grammatical errors, so I assume it came from one of her more intelligent friends,where he/she was going to let me know a few things.

Really? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I must be careful…ooooh-aaaah! LOL!

Maybe in my fearful state I may or may not publish images that are best left in the dark of people who should behave better than they should..Maybe..


Before you get all excited you should remember that I dont do things like that.. I am a mom, of two boys and I have rules and several guidelines in life that were set down by my parents of responsibility and the ramifications of ones actions.

And even though Ol’ Hairyknuckle is a difficult and psychopathic wench.. I mean her no real harm. She is the mother of Sexy G’s two lovely beautiful girls therefore would actually prefer things to be abit more amicable for their sake. But she has other ideas..

So for as long as she calls me names.. behaves so atrociously with complete disregard to me and others.. I will blog about her and her crazy destructive behaviour.

Hope she had as much fun reading my stuff as I had writing it!