When the weekend rolls in..

I am always faced with a million things that I want to get done and finish and sort and tidy and polish and fix and buy and look at and file and watch and read and change and move and list and and and and and…


But I am only one girl, skipping through this galaxy with my superpowers removed temporarily as a *safety precaution. How am I supposed to get through all these tasks I set for myself?? Perhaps it is time I pace myself and not overextend myself mentally and therefore not disappoint myself with the tasks left uncompleted..

So this weekend I will offer myself a peacepipe and only have 4 things listed to do..

  1. Organise the magazines..
  2. Hang my pictures …
  3. Clean and spray Kitchen cupboard..
  4. Strip my PC case, dust, bling and reassemble..

Oh and my Sister will be visiting aswell.. So I will need to do this and still be a polite and gracious host..

Sounds easy, eh?

Not really.. because the reality is that my mind is going to be overrun with dilemma’s such as..

  • The calamities of Hairyknuckle and desperately looking for a solution to that crazy bitch that doesn’t involve me resorting to Blackmail tactics..Yes, I have some  dirt on that stupid cow and not afraid to use it!
  • The fact that Arsefuk’s GF gave birth last weekend and the boys are meeting their half sister for the first time this weekend and how it is all going to play out and being worried of how they are feeling and hoping that they are doing ok, etc..
  • Getting my car back to mechanic to replace the left shock and saddle.. and how there is just never time to do these things..
  • Wondering when the office cables will no longer be lying across the floor and in so doing tripping me each time i walk in..
  • Concerned by all the headaches I have been having lately…
  • and so on and so on…

Not so easy anymore is it?

Well, I am going to have a fabulous weekend never-the-bloody-less.. Even if I have to strap myself down and get forcefed happy pills by SexyG to do it!!

So whats up with you??.. wanna hook up for some coffee??


* apparently the powers that be didnt appreciate my plans of World Domination and my superpowers were suspended till I am less likely to plunder the planet as it were..