Apply Within..

Was thinking the other day.. watching daughters as they walk with their mom’s and granny’s in the shopping centre’s making my heart tweak and twinge just ever so much, about being without a mom and how it has left a void in my life.


So I had an idea!!  :grin:

Why dont I adopt a Mom?? There has to be a mom out there who would love to be an instant granny to two fantabulous boys and a mom to a funny yet charming  albeit slightly eccentric daughter?!?!

Someone I can go to tea with.. share my thoughts with.. complain about my siblings with and how they never call.. Someone who will phone me from time to time just because they care..

I can take them to mother’s day tea’s and we can have a grand ol’ time!

But where would I find someone like this?? And would I be able to successfully kidnap convince her to be my mommy? Should I consider doing a Rent-A-Mom?? IS there such as thing as Rent-A-Mom??

When deciding on a mommy however I do have two rules.. no smoking and she must have no other kids… I am a jealous!

Anyone interested for the position??