Dear Diary,

Things have been crazy lately, hey?


Let me recap things and hopefully when I am done It will not seem as crazy to me anymore.. and if that doesnt work.. at least I would have shared.. and they say sharing is tantamount to therapy.. 😀

Last week the geyser burst.. and I was unhappy by this.. and made loads of noises and grunts because it would appear that the landlady wasnt to bothered by my plight and wasnt even wanting to claim it on the householders insurance and I was going to foot the bill..

That thought wasn’t even cold and then lightning struck, almost obliterating the landlady’s bathroom in the process.. but she has two.. so there is that at least. But the damage went to my office area and systematically crippled me in the work arena for a little, not a nice thing.. but we soon had some temp measures in place and got the emergency work up and running..

Thankfully no one was hurt and a few good things did come from it.. The landlady has now added my geyser to the household claim and I am not going to have to foot the bill on this anymore.. But it feels like its taking forever and I am not a Bucket Bath girl.. *sob! And I have come to realise that I can go without Hot water/Telephone/Internet and PC’s..

I am a Virgo loud and clear.. I need crave order and stability.. CHAOS… chaos can leave me feeling lost, unable to cope, and in a unexplainable bad mood. And just how am I supposed to keep track of all my ho’s out there if I cant open my online pimpmanagement program? They be throwing their wares all around nowadays… like candy! Just not as organised as it should be…hmmmm.

So for the last few days I have been snapping and snarling at all and sundry.. I know it is unfair and I shouldnt behave like this.. but I am almost not in control and irritated as if PMSing permanently.

You know that stupid bloody straw they put on the poor camel’s back? Yes that’s the one.. after piling about a ton of straw and shit on the camel’s back it took just the last and final straw to break his back and leave him crippled and pissed off good and solid!

Here’s my straw –> Hairyknuckle phones SexyG .. She wants to meet with him again. Fuk & Double Fuk. Why she wants to meet him she wont say and he says to her that he will see what he can do about time(with all our work deadlines approaching we don’t have time for her crap now).. Meeting with her is something that involves her spewing a bunch of bullshit and none of which actually pertains to the kids.. It is normally just her wanting to find out what he is doing and to badmouth me again while all the while making herself as available as possible , cos you know.. she is being oh so damn accommodating and only wants whats best for him.. blah blah blah!

That night he got an sms from HairyKnuckle where she asked if he would be interested in sex with her.


A few minutes later she says she was only joking and she still wants to meet and will only need an hour max and to discuss the kids.

Now SexyG already doesn’t want to meet with her and is now even more against it than before.. she is obviously desperate for smack in the head I think. Understandably we did not reply to her sms and she then phoned the next day screaming abuse in his ear about how she is tired of being the one to phone him and he doesn’t reply to her sms’s?!?!?!!? And she wont let him see his kids again if he doesnt meet with her the next day (today) because she has more than *accomodating..

I think she is sucking the fumes from her exhaust pipe again and should be very careful of me.. I can only take so much and then I think I may forget all my ladylike manners and bliksem her good and proper the way she so obviously deserves.

I have had too much bullshit going on and now this? So much and then no further..

ON a different note…I am going to go have another bucket bath just now.. and get ready to attend a wedding this afternoon. I have nothing to wear really.. but I will go even if I have to wrap myself in a sheet and stick a dot on my forehead with a ponytail in my hair..

I am all about emergency mode right now and I just know next week.. next week will definitely be better than this week.. and the week after that?? I will be styling it!

Thank you Diary.. you have been very attentive and for that I love you.. Chat soon!!


*there’s that word again..she is deluded