Our Loss..

It wasn’t always this way, there was a time when I knew you cared,

Kinda funny how quickly another person can shift opinion or sway,

I DO so miss all our moments that we shared,

the jokes,the laughter, your sly wink from across the way.

And how it was altered or why, I do not know,

all I am aware of presently is the deceit, the emptiness and the sorrow.

Did I not do enough?

Did I not share with you?

Aargh, this is going to be very tough.

I miss you, I DO, I miss it all,

my Heart is broken, but back to you I will never crawl!

Here I am, no longer waiting for an “I’m Sorry” or a “Please Forgive”,

but walking away uncaring whether you die or live..

Without you I AM, Without you I CAN.

Go on, live your miserable existence,

but Remember, It was I that finally said..



P.S. this is not about my darling SexyG…  kay…lol!