A change..

..is almost as good as an all expenses paid holiday!!

Soooooooooo.. I tried out that makeover program Angel used the other day and came up with Two Finalists.

Finalist #1

Finalist #2

So vote now and have your say!..

On a more random note.. I am pleased to announce that I have combatted the lazy lures of sleeping-in and went to Gym this morning! (Ja-Ja.. I have been threatening to go for ages)

Bonus part of this is that I didnt drop dead on the treadmill or scare away other gym users with my Manic Panting and Grunting.

I have also made leaps and bounds on the social front and finally allowed some people to come to my humbled abode and burn meat. They came, burnt meat, drank alcohol and then left.

There was also much serenading and laughing and none of it was aimed at me so there you go.. Success!!

I obviously did not have as fabulous a weekend as ol’ Gobz did but it came a close *second.

Next weekend I am going to watch SexyG swim the Midmar, and I am looking forward to seeing all the luverlies in speedo’s and tight bums..

If you are going to Midmar aswell… Give me a shout.. I will come look at your speedo too!!


* I didnt have to do any dishes afterwards.