Call the Firemen..

We have a Birthday boy in the HOUSE!!!

Its my oh so fabulously gorgeous SexyG’s birthday today. I dont really know how to tell him how much he has made a difference in my life because words fail me when I need them


Babes, I wrote this for you, to try tell you how much you mean to me.. and later.. later I will try show you :wink:

When I wake each morning,

You are there.. holding me..

When I fall asleep each night,

You are there..loving me..

Each step I take, each breathe I make,

You are there laughing with me..

I thank you for the moments we share,

the loving, the laughter, the tender care..

My love for you is so much more than I could’ve ever foretold,

My heart is yours..for your strong hands to cherish,love and hold..

So this is me.. telling you, the love of my life,

That I love you…with you, I am finally Alive..

Happy Birthday babes..