They Pay in Marbles..

Last night I went to bed with all the best intentions on this planet.  I was soo damn good I didnt ever squeeze in that extra episode of “Sanctuary” so that I could get enough sleep.

But I snoozed my alarm to death this morning.. so missed my gym workout. Then Had chaos and calamities ensue because HairyKnuckle couldn’t organise a threesome in a brothel and I AM SUDDENLY to blame for her *stupidity and laziness.

And so on the day went… I had to stand in a damn stupid long queue for school uniforms… I wont even get into the insanity at Checkers and CNA for school stationary.. Some moms can get quite aggressive over pens!!

And at the end of it all??? It started raining outside while I was cutting the boys hair.. so I now have hair glued to my legs..

Its a Monday.. I should be in the office. Working. Sorting. Filing. Answering phones. Drawing up Marketing Plans. Doing Quality control on completed work. Spell check even for crying out loud! Paying work, you know what I mean?


This other stuff got me some hugs and smiles though… and a promise of a game of Uno later..So with that I resign my day.. and hope tomorrow to bury myself in more sophisticated madness…:wink:

Just two more sleeps then I get to send the buggers back to school!! Whoop-Whoop!!

*she was born this way..