With or Without Knickers??

I can not believe it is Sunday the 28th of December. I honestly didn’t think I was going to survive this Christmas at all…

It was supposed to be a quiet lovely Xmas like last year where I could cook elaborate yumminess, eat it all, open the pressies and then collapse on my bed with the most pressing thought being should i sleep with or without knickers..

But, as is true with most things in my life, things never work out the way I plan them.. In fact I am of the very serious thought that there is a planet out there that reads my thoughts and it kicks our lovely planet earth just enough to throw my plans off kilter.. Bastards, all of them!

Anyway, so I was to spend my Christmas at the boyfriends mother’s place with his family as it were and all is hunky dory with that except of course that this entails niceties for extended periods of time and no way on earth will I be able to sneak off for a nice nap after all.. Its pleasantries till everyone goes.. and then its cleanup and then as things have it the kids are hungry all over again and so on and so on..  And all I could think of is how do I get this day over with so I can kick off my shoes and just chill with my family.. alone.. no visitors.. Damn!, I think I am becoming a bloody HERMIT!  Oh well.. next year I am telling everyone I am going away… 😉

Wait till I tell you what I got for Christmas.. Santa loves me… He really does.. It must be because I am such a bad girl good girl !!

I got..

  1. My favourite Perfume(the big one) with all the creams and stuff with it to make me smell oh so lovely for a long time..
  2. Fat Bastard.. Oh man I am sooooooo happy about this.. been playing for days, sorting, labeling, etc..
  3. A stunning Gold Bangle to add to my growing collection…
  4. Pyjamas… cos they are importants sometimes ;-)…
  5. A butterfly for my flowerbed (you should see the pretty bulbs I planted a month ago)… <–cute man
  6. A Picnic blankie set…
  7. A book.. not just any book.. but the one I asked for.. Mushy Peas on Toast 🙂

I also got loads of hugs, kisses, phonecalls and mucha grande legover!

So I think it is safe to say I am spoilt rotten and that Santa should be thanked properly by me for a long long time.. wink-wink, nudge-nudge..

On a different note.. I haven’t gone near my pc since Christmas Eve.. I promised myself away time to recover from the hectic year of 2008.. this was not an easy task and I cheated a little with checking my mail on my phone..lol! But today I feel I can do this thing… The kids have gone away for a few days and SexyG has gone cycling so I came in tidied my desk abit and will do some prepping for the year ahead later on.

2009 is promising me brilliant and bright things.. Business is doing sooo well and I am happy with my life.

Important things about me that I know.. is that Stability is what I need to thrive and Chaos will always bring me down… So I need to get into the office early and nurture an environment for myself that I know I can cope in. So here I am getting down to what needs to be done and doing it…

Before this year is gone completely though I want to take stock of all the things that I have experienced both good and bad and learn from it…  I am stronger today than I was a year ago this time.. I have more focus.. I am more driven.. and I am more calm… I am happy, finally…

Not sure yet on whether or not I will be doing anything special for New Years eve.. Because I always think that the way you spend your first day of the year tends to set the tone for the rest of it.. So I am cautiously trying to think of the most positive way to do this.. make sense??

On a very Arb and Crazy different note.. I was thinking the other day of changing my name.. mostly because I am tired of people spelling it incorrectly and perhaps choose something we all know how to spell??

So what do you think of “Apple Tart” ??   I Like it.. will try it out for a little while and see how it goes.. 😉

Well that’s it for now.. Going off to make some coffee and was thinking of perhaps reading my new book for a few minutes before doing anything else.. sounds like such a plan!!

So why don’t you tell me a little about what you have been upto this Christmas?