What next?

HairyKnuckle … tries her hand at flirting but comes off like a pervert..

Let me tell you what I am going on about..

Saturday afternoon.. we had arranged to drop SexyG’s girls off as they had been with us for just over a week now and HairyKnuckle missed them and wanted them back.

This is fine, so we planned to do some Xmas shopping afterwards(yes, we havent bought anything yet) at the Pav.. But man, it was a hot day Saturday! (Sunday was worse, mind you) and SexyG didn’t want to get his shirt all sweaty before we got to the Pav so he decided to go without a shirt until we got there..make sense? Good..

So there he is.. in all his gorgeousness .. only in shorts… sweat glistening from his oh-so-dem-yummy-guy-chest.. both of us trying our damnedest to stay cool (if I could have gone without a shirt, I probably would have ).. Not being successful with the keeping cool part because my car aircon doesn’t work for bizarre reasonswhich made us yearn for the cool comfortableness of the shopping centre.


We arrive at the *MacD’s with the girls.. we get out the car.. kissed and hugged the girls goodbye (MWAH-MWAH!!).. SexyG takes the girls bag out the boot and walks them over to the Hairyknuckles car.. and normally she just grunts and pops open the boot for him and drives off, dragging her knuckles behind her.. but this time.. omw.. this time she leans over.. opens the front passenger door and tells him to put the bag there, all the while CHECKING HIM OUT!!.. OMF, and when she tried to make smalltalk with him he promptly closed the door and walked away <– Kudo’s darling!

So here are reactions that I may or may not have had:-

Sophisticated Me: Oh Darling, best not get too close to that sort of behaviour, she is obviously beneath us!

Sweet Nice Me: Oh shame babe’s! You should walk past a few more times for her.. she probably hasn’t seen such nice eyecandy in awhile!

Trailer trash Me: FOR EFF’s SAKE! Listen here Biatch! Why don’t you just keep your effing eyes to yourself.. he isn’t your mancandy and you are so wayyyyy out of your league!! mumble grumble snarl and snort..

Reserved Me: uh huh..

Funny(not) Me: You are lucky you got away when you did.. She had that “OMG I want to dry hump him” look on her face.. I feared for your safety dontcha know?

I will let you all guess the correct reaction, ok?

In the meantime I have instructed SexyG that he is not allowed to go shirtless around the pervert anymore and MOST def never to wear his **lycra’s around her either.. I mean, if him shirtless gets her to practically dry hump him I fear for his safety if she sees him in lycra..

Just saying..

*We still do the dropoff and pick up at the MacD’s… go figure..

**SexyG is a MTB’r and when he wears the Lycra he is SMOKIN HOT! Best thing on three legs, I tell you…