Snot en Trane..

With trepidation I entered the gym this morning.. why?.. the airconditioning has been off for over a month due to renovations and upgrades and all sorts goings on there..

So in I step.. welcomed by the cool breeze of the aircon and sighed with relief. This is wonderful and means I will not overheat on the treadmill, ecstatic me goes over to swipe my card while I growl at the nauseating effervescence of the welcoming committee.. And then I see the sign..

The Gym will be closed on Friday because they are replacing ALL CARDIO equipment!! Demmit I just made huge resolutions to exercise my posterior and now they close the doors shortly after I return.. bummer!

And the realisation is slow but swift.. my treadmill.. I will have to say goodbye to the trusty steed and try and adjust to the sleekness of a newfangled rollerroad..

How will I cope? Will I feel like I’m cheating when I feel the beast beneath me respond faster/better/smoother/quieter?

I used my favourite treadmill today.. gave it a gentle squeeze and bid it farewell..