When I wasn’t looking..

Monday snuck up behind me and kicked me outta bed!

I am actually really really busy at the moment and really shouldn’t be blogging.. but I cant resist.. 😉

So this is going to be a bulleted fact sheet.. well sort of.. :-

  • I am sunburnt at the moment – in fact its a flippen *vaalie tan! THE HORROR!
  • SexyG did really good at his MTB event on Sunday..
  • Am really pleased with all the new work that has been streaming in lately.. Just wish it didn’t mean I must work harder..
  • The mongoose are still shagging morning noon and night..
  • I am going to start going to gym and plan some intense fornicating with the treadmill starting Wednesday..
  • I got bubblegum stuck to my jeans on Saturday night when i took the kids to Spur.. Aaargh i hope the person who stuck it there gets a cramp up the wazoo..
  • I met the most Awesome SUE, the Gorgeous SHEENA, the Fabulous CATH, The Most interesting Vincent with his stunning fiance Talitha plus a few others on Saturday at Taco Zulu.. I must say I was hectically nervous because its difficult knowing what to say.. and I am unbelievably shy in the “REAL WORLD”.. Hope they didn’t notice..
  • I got a Fabulously Unexpectant “blow my hair back and spank my armpits” belated birthday pressie from Sue.. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you times 4 million!! You made me a very happy girl with your generosity  ..
  • My kids are attempting to drive me drink with their demands lately..
  • I miss QueenG..
  • I want to plan a holiday and just go away for a few days .. soon.. in fact this is urgent already..

Ok.. that’s all for now.. I just need to survive the chaos of the day…

* a vaalie tan is from wearing a t-shirt and getting burnt.. normally happens to Vaalies..Well mostly..