Annoy me, you have..

Bloody hell and jingle balls!!

If I don’t want to sign my credit card.. then leave me the hell alone!!.. Isn’t it my problem? Not like your shop will reimburse me if it gets stolen or anything..Assholes!

Lets go back shall we..

I am happily trundling along. Tra-La-La-Di-Whoop-Di-Frikken-Whoop!

And finally take my purchases to the till.. Avoid the conveyer belt like the *plague.. and stood over the cashier handing over my goodies one by one like I always do.. I  almost always shop there.. They all know me..So as far as minions go.. they are allowed to make eye contact and even speak to me..

Then this stupid idiotic chick today decides she wont accept my damn debit card..because I wont sign it!


Whats the point? If I stand in front of her and sign the damn stupid thing then the signature portion of it is invalid surely? And If I don’t want to sign it, then that is MY RISK so bugger off and swipe the damn stupid thing already!

I was irritated.. as was the long queue now all glaring at me like I am the reason they have wait for the manager to get off his lazy butt and come to sort this idiotic woman out.. Which he didn’t!.. So I called another 😉 Who then also told me that I won’t be allowed safe passage with all my purchases unless I sign the Flippen Card..Now I am super annoyed and frustrated at not bringing enough signs for all of them.. Grab a pen made a HUGE X on the back of the card and said ” Swipe the damn thing or this gets unpleasant..”

So for now until further notice my signature is an X..

*Have you seen how nasty these things are?? OMW!! I vomited in my mouth a little bit the one day when I accidently happened on one that was opened for maintenance…