And then there was *Pyre…


I was very pleased with my newly acquired friendship with the blonde who happened to have a great right hook and an inexplicable talent to crush you with her thighs in a scissor like grip.. QueenG was such an awesome babe and proceeded to introduce me to all the local yocals as they were..

There was this one family in particular that really sparked my interest in many ways.. Two brothers and One sister.. I never knew what the mom did for a living but I just know she was hardly ever there.. The dad however was a big dude with a towtruck.. yes, I said it.. a towtruck.

*Ando and *Pyre were almost the same age 14 and 13 respectfully and then there was the little sister *Janet who was in desperate need of therapy obviously evident back then already..

Pyre was the fun one.. He was always keen to do the crazy bizarre things we asked of him whereas Ando was more conservative and would rather just smile and send Pyre on his way. Pyre was a great friend if you discount his desperation to touch a boob or at least see one for real.

I remember being invited by Pyre and Ando the one afternoon (mom was never home?) to come watch movies at their place.. Only to be surprised with porno’s and popcorn…Well! I wasn’t really sure what to do(it was my first porno/popcorn date after all) .. So I ate some of the popcorn and made what I thought were the correct responses to what I was seeing until I thought they would allow me to leave… hahahaha.. They did try and get me to join them in their viewing pleasure a few more times after that but I am pleased to say that I am a quick learner and didn’t fall for the “movies and popcorn” stint again.

Ando was very different to his brother. Didnt have quite the same direct approach as his brother and would quietly stalk QueenG and myself and try steal a kiss when we weren’t looking or torture his brother just to hear us giggle.. But other than that? He was busy playing with his collection of snakes and going out on “recoveries” with his dad…

Janet.. oh janet.. She was only about 9 at the time but wouldn’t except that she was really only 9.. she was determined to play grown up by swearing, **smoking and flashing the boys whenever the opportunity presented itself. We would try and convince her that this was not the way to go but unfortunately she was particularly stubborn and thought we were just jealous of her..

The cruelest thing I can remember doing to Pyre was getting the other boys to hang him over the 3rd floor balcony with his pants pulled down..

But QueenG .. she was the mistress of funny.. she once let Pyre kiss her goodnight.. then told him the next day she was pregnant with his child! He actually believed her, the porn he watched obviously did nothing to educate it would seem, and proceeded a plan to run away with her. It was hysterical to watch this all unfold..Work plans put in place.. he decided they would live with him at home till he got a well paying job, etc.. it was all fabulously laid out…


.. The numbnuts went and told his momma.. OMW! Was QueenG in the kak!!!

Lets just say Pyre was not invited to come play spin the bottle for some time after that… And QueenG was forced to climb out the window if she wanted to get out..

* not their real names…

** she didnt really inhale.. but still..