Welcoming Committee…


I was 13 years old going on 26 (minus the boobs) and not the prettiest girl about, being all tall and gangly with no boobs and big feet but I had my following of friends who thought I was cool and then there was of course the one boy who didn’t mind kissing me when the need arose from time to time..But wait.. I am getting head of myself.. Let me just go back a few months, ok?

My mom, sister and myself had moved into this block of flats in one of the less affluent areas of Durban just after my parents had split up and things were just about settling down again for me, as much as can be when my family have been split in half..literally! I refused to let things get me down though and just didnt allow myself the time to mull over things I couldn’t change..

My welcome to the building wasn’t an easy one to say the least.. While my Mom and sister were getting the flat sorted out I thought it a good idea to ride my *bike around the parking lot. Unbeknown to me there was a pecking order that already existed that was not going to allow me easy passage.

On my second turn around the lot I was suddenly stopped by this blonde chickypoo with her gang blocking my way in a stance that said they were spoiling for a fight! As it turns out I was right.. She told me to take my bike and get lost.. I dont own the place and shouldn’t behave as if I do!


What she didn’t realise is that I am the youngest in a family of 4 brothers and 2 sisters.. and do not scare or intimidate easily..lol! In fact I was already sussing out her weak spots (long blonde hair, skinny legs).

So I did what I thought was the right thing to do at the time.. Told her to Bite me.. Hahahaha.. and try bite me she did!!

It was all arms and legs flailing around.. profanity’s galore.. I am surprised we didn’t pull out knives and just stab each other the way we behaved..lol!

OH MY WORD, was this the longest physical fight I had ever been in or what!? After awhile we stood there.. panting and wheezing like we had just run the comrades twice and stared at each other..

And just like that we both sat down together and chatted like ol’ mates. And that has been our status ever **since!!

She became my partner in crime.. the one I turned to when my sister dismantled my bed.. she was my rock when my life was taking tumble turns.. I taught her how to sneak out of her flat.. and she taught me how to flirt with boys..

My BFF.. my QueenG..

*My bike was a Blue Girls Bike with tassle and a bell with a stunning bag carrier in the back..It was called a Candy Bike.

** Ok, there were a few times after that, that we werent mates.. but this was generally short lived and really not spoken about anymore…k?