I have 187 posts, 2 pages, 3 drafts, contained within 4 categories and 1,259 tags…

And that is the truth of what it is…

It has been a whole year!!.. can you believe it?? One WHOLE YEAR since I started blogging my feelings, foibles, *sexcapades and about all the characters as they are in my story of me and as published on the www…

Lets do a brief recap of what I have been upto, k?

Characters I have introduced you to so far are:-

SexyG – My Handsome gorgeous boyfriend and the best shag ever!

Nobby – The picture drawing dude in the office

QueenG – My BFF and the best person in the world.

J – My First Born Brilliantly funny and handsome boy young man

D – My Last Born incredibly fantastic and handsome boy younger man

BatLady – as it were

Twinkle Toes – Batlady’s sidekick

My mom – the bestest lady in the whole wide world.. ever.. always on my mind and I miss her with every breathe I take..

Hairy Knuckle aka Hairy Troll – SexyG’s Ex-girlfriend

Arsefuk – my ex-husband his name says it all..

there are a few more but these are more or less the main characters..

The Beginnings

My First Post was titled Funny and now here we are a year later AND as it were, not all things I have posted are as light hearted as I would’ve preferred keeping it…

Those that Comment

And it has been incredibly awesome sharing all these posts with everyone out there in the blogosphere and with people I know who pop in from time to time to check on me and whether I have managed to get myself into more trouble..lol!

Thank you to you all.. thank you for being there.. and thank you for being you.. without you I would just be talking to myself wouldnt I?

It would take me all day to name everyone but since I am slightly insane with a penchant for World Domination and Spandex here is the list of all that have commented in the past in no particular order..

Laura, Wenchy, Goblin, Cath, QueenG, Red, Davy, Guy, JustbCoz, MsBehavn, Arkwife, FragileHeart, Angel, Exmi, Po, Rexmanthe, Shebee, Candy, Relax Max, Glugster, Swisstwist, Tamara, Craig, Stef, ChrisM, IdleLayabout, Buffy, StevenMcD, Being Brazen, Martin, Pete Ess, Worsbeursie, Agnes, Charmskool, Juno, Spencer, Coebri, Lilly Web, The Snackhound, Nebomax, Kyknoord, Julia, Greg, KM, Yulia, Vendetta, Francois Viljoen, Vintage Electric Guitar, Alexander Morentin, Heidi, Redbeard76, Stuart, Anna, Yummy Biscuits, DrZibbs, Nick, FaraBeamer, Walter P, Windmill, Dini, Speakindoodles, DirtylaundryDiva, SEO Boot Camp, Christina, Titan, Globus, Cole, Metallman, Rob, Jewels, Charlie Brown, Jenty, Rex, 6000, Bridget, Betenoir, Candy Girl, Ettarose, RegretfulMorning, Sharon, Mamaflo, Caroline, Lou, Gameboy, Billywarhol, Michael, BittersweetCollide, Sisuahlai, Mimzie, Natalie, .45 , Laura, Stacey Derbinshire, Falls-Down-Laughing, Jillian, PhillyGirl, Robyn, Beeker, Robert Bourne, Mylene, Ayel, Terry Freeman, 13th Witch, Julie, Matt-Man, Simply Curious, Tim Ramsay, Tara Sweeney, Michael Georgiades, LordWriggly, Grant M, NASH!!!, and then there are of course the few Anonymous comments…

Clause B

I am not sure if everyone saw the addition of the Clause B page which came into effect sometime in January this year.. I am going to tell you a bit about why this was necessary at the time and why it is there now..(and why I moderate..)

Most people who know me (family, friends and all sorts) are aware of my blog.. I have nothing to hide so to speak and I have this big mouth that constantly gets me into trouble here and in the world of me.. Anyway so it goes without saying that there are those that don’t like me too much for their own reasons or for reasons that I helped them create..

One of these people in particular(a **Bunny Boiler to be more exact) has cronies and they obviously get together and discuss me and my travels and how many times i have sex and whether or not I am a lesbian etc.. So one of these so-called cronies came onto my blog (Anonymously) and started spewing half truths and garbage all over the place about me and people close to me.. *sigh*

I know who this person is .. they just think this was done anonymously..idiots, lol!

Anyway.. I was unaware of this comment on my site until after a whole day had passed.. And this was awful for me as you can imagine.. This is my space.. And if you really don’t like what I say.. tell me or better yet.. move on BOZO..but don’t go and trash me for the sake of making yourself feel better or your mate that you believe is wronged..

So now I moderate because I would prefer to not give some people a springboard to attack me with.. I NEVER EDIT comments and I approve all of them anyway..

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Busiest ever month

May 2008 – with traffic exceeding 3000 visitors.. WOW!!

UpComing Events and Attractions

I haven’t even started regailing everyone with the stories I have in my head of Me as a little girl growing up in a home filled with people of all different shapes, sizes and languages.. and this is something I think I will be doing more of in future..It will be done under a new category labelled “What was”.. So stay tuned for this in the very near future…

I am also going to be adding a Paypal link at some time giving people an opportunity to buy me a cup of coffee!! (or a new handbag.. or a new laptop.. or whatever else I deem necessary at the time..hahahaha)

I will also be updating my blogroll and fixing some stuff along the way.. If you have any suggestions or feeback let me know.. this is the time for all that!

Thank you x 673846 Gizzilion!

Just a final thank you to ***everyone as I look forward to another year together with all of you…

* I haven’t retold enough of them as some of you would like to hear about..

** I just know when they read this I am in for more hate mail.. hahahaha.. bring it on biatches!!

*** Lurkers, commentors, lovers, haters, spammers, bots, bossman, funny people I can point at and laugh, you know who you are.. Love you all!! MWAH MWAH!!

P.S. Have your say and Go VOTE on the new poll now!!!