HeadBanging & Banging Heads..

Had a rough afternoon yesterday..

I ran out to go collect the kids from school(was abit late again) and ran !!WHAMMO!! into a tree.. Fell down to the ground and counted a few stars..I felt famous!

After a few minutes lying on the floor looking like a pawpaw, I managed to get up (very late now in fetching the boys) and did a braincell count… most of them there, CHECK!

Slowly walked to the car and felt the egg beginning to develop just under the skin with a deafening thud in my ears as all the blood rushes from my bottoms to my head..

The drive was in slow motion and painful.. When I got back home all I wanted to do was lie down and lick my wounds but this is never gonna happen in the madness of my life..

I tried to lie down, but everytime i closed my eyes my mind came into play and I am currently dealing with Arsefuk and things are nasty right now with him. So I finally gave up trying to lie down and proceeded to make a hot soup for dinner and tried to relax.. but I just felt funny all night you know? I still feel abit like that… Its like I feel a change coming on and I am not sure what it is.. Maybe its the “supervised visits” that I have recently put in place for Arsefuk or maybe I just hit my head harder than I thought..

All I do know for certain is that I am semi-poised for action and feel a certain calm has come over me all at the same time.. Winds of change is more apt way to put how I feel right now..

Lets hope that these winds blow me into a better place and towards a positive future…