Arsefuk and his therapist…

I know he used to see one.. but It didn’t work because he didn’t like what the guy told him but he needs to go back..before he hurts himself.. with my exhaust firmly lodged up his arse..just saying.

Firstly let me say this..


I allowed my boys to go visit with him for the holidays after I made him promise to look after them and care for them..*sigh*

There are soooo many things that has gone wrong with this visit that I dont know where to start, but I will tell you some of it..! His mom hacked into the boys hair on Friday, told D that she made a little booboo and that he should ask me to just put the barber clippers on it when he gets home.. OMF!! I almost cried when I saw their hair! Look at this man..

All different lengths.. BIG GAPING HOLES in their hair.. IT WAS ATROCIOUS!! the worst part? they were dropped off with me on a Sunday the day before school like that..I then phoned to ask what happened and Arsfuk says to me that it isn’t that bad and I must just let it go..and stop being melodramatic.

I then phoned around looking for a hairdresser that is still open(on a sunday) and finally found one and set off.. She had an ass collapse when she saw them! I got angry all over again.. what a bloody moron! I then phoned his mom and politely told her that in future she must keep her hands to herself as I will do their hair myself, thanks! She then tells me she doesn’t know what I am going on about as their hair is just fine and I should be thanking her for looking after MY kids not worrying over a little haircut!..Oh excuse meeee!! Not her grandkids or Arsefuk’s kids.. My kids!

I never asked her..she was helping out her son because he is too useless to wipe his own arse never mind feed and care for the boys.. Useless bunch of maggots they are..

Oooooh, I was am still mad! We wont even get into the fact that he has taken to pinching the kids again or the fact that he threatened them that they mustn’t tell me about things because it causes trouble..

I think this time he has gone too far and he needs to be taken down a few notches..or choose..